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People see me through my smile

People see my smile as my best asset
But that's the only thing to hide my pain and to pretend
Everyday I want my life to be reset
But not all is to be intend

Why do you like my smile?
Do you people treat me as your friend?
Or do you see it as a happy end?
Are you pretending or for real?

Smile, smile a big shot of smiles
It was just like walking a million miles
I don't see it
But people always gain it.

I tried to see what's the meaning
But I always end up spinning
Then please tell me
What's the purpose of my smile?

Life of a poetry

Poetry need experience
Like a camera with a lens
You can zoom in or out
But you will never knew what its all about.

People judge poetry
Like all things in geometry
It will make your head turn
But it will make your heart burn.

Today poetry is my life
without it I can take a knife
Stub it in front of my chest
and always think that I did not do my best.

To all my friends who treated me like a family

If your friends treated you like a family. they will never leave you. they will accept who you are the ideal and the non ideal you. You're might be the most optimistic member of the group but sometimes you will be the target to be weak. If they truly care they will find a way to make things back to normal, even you rejected them. If not? they will never see it, and they will never get it. I'm not perfect. You are not perfect. People are not perfect.
To all my friends who treated me like a family thank you.

Run in dream and go to reality

Run in dream, and go to reality

I dream about you
I call your name
you look at me
I grab your hand
you hold it so perfectly.
and it feels like holding in reality.

I really feel your smooth left hand
we hold so tight
that no one could ever set as apart
like wendy and peter pan in Neverland.
I turn back at you
and say I Love You.

People saw both of us
Teacher ABC said
don't let your fear will win than your love
coz were a perfect couple like a dove
you grab my arms
and say let's run and go to the real one.

I saw your back as we run in the world of white
this time my tears are falling down
as you whisper
hold it and perfect time will come
Everything was fade like a pixels
I open my eyes and saw home.