Run in dream and go to reality

Run in dream, and go to reality

I dream about you
I call your name
you look at me
I grab your hand
you hold it so perfectly.
and it feels like holding in reality.

I really feel your smooth left hand
we hold so tight
that no one could ever set as apart
like wendy and peter pan in Neverland.
I turn back at you
and say I Love You.

People saw both of us
Teacher ABC said
don't let your fear will win than your love
coz were a perfect couple like a dove
you grab my arms
and say let's run and go to the real one.

I saw your back as we run in the world of white
this time my tears are falling down
as you whisper
hold it and perfect time will come
Everything was fade like a pixels
I open my eyes and saw home.


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